Take The Italian Road Less Traveled - Puglia 2018 

Following the success of our last trip to Italy we searched to find another Undiscovered yet Fascinating region and fell in love with Puglia.

Located in the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia has the rustic tranquility of the Italian countryside with the Baroque architecture and villas that are nestled inside 15th-century convents and has extravagant churches designed by Europe’s finest architects, thousand-year-old wine culture and is carpeted with fields of Olive trees. Despite its cultural richness and architecture, Puglia is still one of the least explored regions of Italy, offering a coastline bathed by two crystal blue seas: the Adriatic and the Ionian.  Join us on a seven-day journey starting October 13th, 2018.  We look forward to sharing this captivating region and these exclusive experiences with you.