Emilia-Romagna is located in north central Italy and borders Lombardia and Veneto to the north, Liguria and Piemonte to the west, and Toscana and Le Marche to the south. The landscape is varied with Emilia centered on the flat, fertile plains of the Po valley and its low hills, while Romagna is more mountainous (much of it is located on the northern slopes of the Apennines) and stretches as far as the Adriatic Sea. 

Emilia and Romagna are separate areas with traditions as distinct as their landscapes. They meet at the Via Emilia, the ancient road, built by the Romans in 187 BC, for which the region was named.

We will spend our days in the hills and mountains between Modena and Bologna. Our hotel is located in Castelvetro di Modena, a hilltop village about thirty minutes south of Modena.