Experience the Southern Italy lifestyle with a small group of 16 guests and visit Puglia with us and discover distinctive and delightful, crystalline seas, pretty countryside and endless sunshine.  Puglia is a land of natural beauty, warm hospitality and amazing food and wine.

Puglia is unique, a much-loved southern region with; dramatic mountains, Byzantine rock-hewn churches, sunbaked olive groves, stunning Romanesque architecture and some of Italy’s best beaches, and yet it remains an exciting little-known region.

The high heel of the Italian boot looks and feels like nowhere else in Italy. You might be on a Greek island here – washed in dazzling light, surrounded by low whitewashed buildings, and gazing onto an omnipresent blue sea which hugs the region from two sides.

Colorful, exotic Puglia is the beguiling and stimulating place, with its own distinctive food, architecture and atmosphere. Its landscapes have an appealingly elemental quality – stark rocks meeting clean beaches lapped by crystal-clear water; gigantic 3,000 year olive trees spiraling up from dark red soil fringed by vivid wildflowers; fragrant pine forests opening onto chalk-white sands. Nature’s colors are bold in Puglia, and man-made shapes are simple – with chunky, cubic houses and conical-roofed cottages dotting the countryside.

Enchanting as it is to experience Puglia’s authentic charm as we travel from medieval village to village there is nothing like having a 5 Star Masseria as your base camp, no packing and unpacking.